project runway gunnar eliminated lifetime 'Project Runway' does prints but did Dmitry or Sonjia design the best outfit?It’s always funny to watch an episode of “Project Runway” where the corporate sponsorship is shoehorned in. (Example: the Lexus challenge from a few weeks ago.) But the Sept. 13 episode, sponsored by that cool HP tablet thingy, actually proved quite interesting.

The designers had to create their own print drawing inspiration from their cultural heritage, which was then turned into a fabric and subsequently used in their design. Guest judge and “Project Runway All Stars” winner Mondo Guerra warned the contestants not to take it too literally, and for the most part they succeeded.

There weren’t any outrageously hideous outfits this time, although it was clear that Melissa’s tailored dress, Dmitry’s separates (finally!) and Sonjia’s pants were head and shoulders better than the bottom three looks.

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After being told by Tim Gunn that his dress looked like it was covered in used maxi pads (a hilarious yet disgusting analogy), Ven designed something that looked exactly like every other dress he has ever designed on this show. Look, the guy’s obviously talented but he’s also obviously an arrogant d-bag, so the fact that he landed in the bottom felt kinda nice. (We don’t wish ill will on anyone.)

Gunnar and Christopher were on the bottom too, but it was Gunnar’s ill-fitting, non-trendy ensemble that got the axe. Frankly, it was a bit of a surprise since the episode didn’t focus on him very much. He was fun to watch but the outfit really was the worst.

But let’s end on a good note — the judges absolutely loved Dmitry’s suit and crowned him the winner. It was well-deserved, and he was working out of his comfort zone too.

Elena better watch her back — she’s the only one left who hasn’t won a single challenge and nobody who’s won one has been kicked off yet. How much do you want to bet that we’ll hear her whine about it next week?

Did the right designer go home? Who had the best and worst looks?

Posted by:Jean Bentley