project runway jay nicolas sario 320 'Project Runway' finale Part I: Jay or Mila?Each designer has nine thousand clams to design their collections. Of course, only one of Jay or Mila will get to show at Bryant Park.

Tim tells the designers that he’s very proud of them. Also, he will be visiting them when they are at home. Emilio, believe it or not, is sure that he will win the whole thing. All of the designers leave each other on ostensibly good terms.

Tim visits Seth Aaron in Washington. While Tim is impressed with his work, he tells him that he won’t win because it’s the same thing he did during the competition. Seth Aaron was stunned, but he takes it pretty well. Tim asks Seth Aaron’s wife how they met — he was the boy next door. Obviously, right? Oh shit, Seth Aaron bounces the shit out of Tim on his trampoline. I’m not sure what to say about that.

Next, Tim visits Emilio and meets his brothers who are apparently the most important thing to evil Emilio. Tim notices all of the color in Emilio’s collection. There’s a whole bunch of STUFF. They get heated. Tim tells him that his work is not up to snuff. Emilio interviews that Tim’s not a woman and doesn’t get it.

Then, Tim goes to visit Mila in Los Angeles. She tells him that shadows are her inspiration. Tim notes that it’s black and white but still likes it. She says Jay’s a little shit and annoying and doesn’t want to lose to him. We see pictures from Mila’s past — she hasn’t changed. And, her boyfriend is a gay man.

Lastly, Tim visits Jay in San Francisco. Jay says that he’s inspired by Japanese Samurai. Tim is apprehensive about some of it, but loves some of it too. Jay says he doesn’t have to worry about Mila. He cries in an interview about wanting to give back to his parents.

Back in New York, the designers meet in a hotel suite …

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