patricia field lauren graham nina garcia michael kors heidi klum 'Project Runway': Heidi Klum turns Times Square into a catwalk

To celebrate its 10th season, “Project Runway” and host Heidi Klum staged a fashion show in Times Square Friday (June 15) night. The backdrop was pretty impressive as the catwalk was set up in the triangle formed by Broadway, 7th Avenue and 46th Street. Giant screens overhead advertised Broadway shows, clothes and a three-dimensional billboard, with a glittering scissors, read: “#Makeitwork.”
That, of course is design mentor Tim Gunn’s mantra. He says it to designers as they desperately try to finish creations in the fashion competition where they face challenges and eliminations weekly. This setting should look terrific on TV, when “Project Runway” kicks off its 10th season on July 19 — but the scene on the ground was chaotic. 
The 16 contestants each showed two outfits, their first challenge. One, which they had time to work on before they came to New York, was to exemplify who they are as designers and the second, whipped out under typically short “Project Runway” deadlines, was made to complement the first.
None of this was explained during the Times Square fashion show.

Before Lifetime officials granted standing access to about 60 photographers — where there was room for maybe 15, resulting in tussles and press getting herded by security — Klum and judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, gave an exclusive interview to Zap2it in a hotel suite.

crowd at times square 'Project Runway': Heidi Klum turns Times Square into a catwalk
Klum had been dreaming about staging a fashion show in Times Square for years, she says. 

“I am very, very excited to be in Times Square,” she says.

“Ten years ago, Times Square was not as clean as it is now,” Klors tells her.
“And there are new chairs,” Garcia adds.
Wearing a body-hugging green satin dress, showing her tattoo on her inside right forearm and wearing just one dramatic ring, Klum sits calmly as many people buzz about her. Kors wears his uniform of a black T-shirt, dark jeans and blazer, alligator driving loafers and aviators. Garcia is elegant in a heavily jeweled, blush lace dress from Dolce and Gabbana.
 “I thought it would blend into Times Square,” Garcia says.
Gunn and the judges toasted the designers with champagne and were joined by actress Lauren Graham (“Parenthood”) and Patricia Field, costume designer (“Sex and the City.”)
green black halter dress project runway 'Project Runway': Heidi Klum turns Times Square into a catwalk

“It’s the first fashion show of season 10,” Gunn says. “And where better to do than Times Square? The fashion capital of the world.”

The throbbing techno music starts and willowy models make their way down the catwalk. Thirty-two outfits go by quickly but to get a variety of camera shots for what will be in the premier episode, they do it a second time.
The hot pink gown that made the model look as if she were sashaying on clouds was a crowd favorite as was a summer dress with a green top and floral skirt and black trim.
Others, such as a metallic mini, do beg the question of where anyone would wear it or why.
But as Klum tells the contestants: “Designers, welcome to the runway and as you know in fashion, one day you are in and the next day you are out.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler