qristylfrazier projectrunway s6 290 'Project Runway' Heidi Klum wants them perkyLast week, ‘Project Runway‘ put the designers into teams of two and for the first time had one team member win the top honors while the other was sent home. Did tonight match that wow?

This week’s challenge is all about listening to your client. And the client’s are the models. They need a sophisticated look that will help them stand out at an industry event. The difficulty is clear when Epperson’s model describes the look she wants by saying she wants a sexy, romantic, flowy, punk, tiger inspired look while Logan’s model wants an edgy, 1950’s inspired look with leather or lace. She realizes that Kenley was last season, right?

When Tim comes to check on them, Althea flubs by calling her design a cigarette jacket but he still notes that it has lots of potential. He also thinks the Epperson is on a good path while Qristyl’s looks messy. Logan worries this his design looks like a smurf’s prom dress- and for good reason. It does. Epperson calls home and cries, then gets back to work and cries while sewing which is more charming than it sounds. Through all of this, the camera keeps panning by Gordana at work and I am desperate to see what she’s doing with that woven panel, so let’s just get right to the runway!

Qristyl – It’s yawn inducing. A rather plain black sheath that has a few dashes of asymmetry in the hem and neckline, but it all feels like an after thought. There is a clump of something on one shoulder, but the black on black makes it hard to tell exactly what it is. Nicolas’s model is a definite improvement, in a white dress with a plunging back and high collar on a halter style front with steel grey accents and a “V” shape that repeats at the neck and back. My only quibble is that the stiffness of the material  causes the front to bubble out from the model’s chest – putting her at risk for getting noticed for the wrong reasons.

Irinia’s outfit contains cute elements but needs some editing. It seems to fussy between the pleats in the jacket and the accent on the light colored belt. Gordana’s dress is sublimely simple with a stunning woven panel that comes down the front. Were it in stores, I would buy it in a heartbeat right now. Though I would wear it more as a tunic – I am a bit more modest than the model.

Shirin’s dress is a lovely blue color and she managed to incorporate the gold her model wanted as well. Thank goodness she didn’t go with the jumpsuit and instead added the intertwined ribbons on the back – which is the strongest interesting element it contains. Logan’s dress ended up looking very 1984 prom, with too much bulk in the skirt and an uneven looking waistline.

While Logan took a color risk and had it end up an aqua disaster, Christopher took what seemed like an even bigger risk and had it work amazingly well. The apple green color is something most women would shy away from, but the black accents and the structured design of the dress make it seem modern and chic. Epperson also pulled off something chic, while staying away from the color risk his model requested, opting to replace her requested orange with a chocolate brown. He also managed to fit most of her contentious requests into one dress, against all odds, with the sequins being sexy, the haphazard hatching of it being punk, and the overall effect being very sexy and even evoking tiger stripes.

Johnny, on the other hand gave us last seasons bridesmaid dress in the color of a bruise. There is really nothing remotely interesting about it, not the gathers, the length of the skirt or the color. Althea, on the other hand, produced something very interesting. A high waisted take on the bubble skirt with a structured waistline matched with a skinny jacket and silky camisole. I don’t think anyone under 6′ and weighing more than 125 would look good in it, but it’s unique.

Louise came through with a black dress with a nearly couture looking collar of intricate ruffles while Ra’Mon seemed to take a cue from Carrie’s wardrobe in the Sex and the City movie, adorning his dress with a giant fabric flower. Carol Hannah is the real show stopper for me, with a dress that offers a fantastic fit, a mix of contrasting textures, some shimmer to match it’s sheen, drape to soften it’s hard lines, and just enough movement to catch light – and the eye – perfectly. It’s another one that I would buy, if I had any reason to wear it.  

Carol Hannah, Epperson and Althea make up the top three – though I am surprised Gordana’s dress didn’t get more notice. The bottom are Logan, Johnny and Qristyl. The deliberations are made colorful by the guest judge Jennifer Rade and Heidi’s breast obsession. Basically, Heidi admits she can’t let it Epperson’s design not being especially flattering to the model’s bust go without critique, chalking it up to her long relationship with Victoria’s Secret and their belief that all breasts be full and perky. In the end, Althea is named the winner, while Qristyl is sent home. A decision I heartily agree with, as Qristyl has not created one thing that was noteworthy, while Logan and Johnny have each given up glimpses of real talent. Do you agree?

For those that missed it, here’s the exchange between Jen Rade and Qristyl’s model:

Jen: Valerie, do you like your dress?
Valerie: well…um, yeah, actually. I do.
Jen: And that’s why Valerie isn’t a designer.

Posted by:Jessica Paff