You may remember Kenley Collins as the much-hated finalist from the fifth season of "Project Runway." The tugboat captain's daughter who was never popular growing up? The one who was super cute but had a scary, screechy laugh and total disrespect for the always-classy Tim Gunn? You know, the one whose retro-inspired final collection that she showed at Bryant Park included a dress that paid more than a little homage to one from Alexander McQueen's most recent collection even though she totally denied it?

Yeah, her.

It seems Miss Kenley has bigger problems than making it in the fashion world these days though.

Collins was arrested Tuesday (March 17) morning in Brooklyn after she allegedly attacked her sleeping fiance, Zak Penley, with a variety of items ranging from three apples and water to a laptop and an actual cat.

In the legal papers that were filed, Collins (who never seems to know when to keep her mouth shut) told Penley, "You're lucky … it could've been a lot worse."

Collins was hauled off by police and charged with six crimes including assault and criminal possession of a weapon. It's unclear as to whether the fruit or the feline was said weapon.

According to the New York Post, the couple has been fighting regularly since Collins moved in last September.

Making the story even better, Penley is a musician who wrote the song "CAT?" for Collins' "Project Runway" fashion show.

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Posted by:Brill Bundy

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