nicolasputvinski projectrunway s6 290 'Project Runway': Milla Jovovich and jet setting fashionI’m sorry “Project Runway,” but one of us has completely lost the plot. And I think Milla Jovovich agrees.

We start off with a completely uninteresting challenge. The designers are supposed to be inspired by a location that’s picked out of a hat. Which is sort of bottom of the barrel as far as actual creativity goes. Each of the designers say in one way or another that the competition is getting stiffer because all of the remaining designers are talented and that none of them are weak. Frankly, I have to disagree. We are ten weeks in, and there is still no designer that stands out to me. There is no one that I am rooting for. There is not one designer who has a style that I specifically like. There is nothing that I am looking forward to. And this challenge highlights how dull this crop of designers is. Although it also highlights how adorably delightful Milla Jovovich is. Can she be on the show every week?

Irina – Her look comes from Aspen. Circa 1987, I suppose, because that was the last time I remember a long faux fur vest being relevant. Also, monochromatic? Really? In an age where even bridal gowns commonly have a splash of color in a sash or ombre fabric, you dress your model head to toe in camel and brown? It’s well made and the cutout in the back of the cowl sweater is at least a small twist. But it feels too little, too late because by the time we see it, I’m already over it.

Christopher – He was inspired by Santa Fe, if Santa Fe were known for completely washed-out colors. And misguided proportions. At least it’s not the pilgrim gown he almost sent down the runway, but the boxy sleeves and gathered miniskirt are something I cannot imagine anyone being drawn to anywhere in the country. Any country, really. The belt is great, I will give him that. But it’s also juxtaposed by the rest of the look.

Althea – Her look is Saint Tropez. And despite my personal dislike or formal shorts, I can see it. But in the end, it’s nothing new. It’s a metallic short, a white shirt and a chiffon coverup. I’m fairly certain that I could go to the mall and re-create this look in it’s entirety. I just wouldn’t really want to.

Carol Hannah – Her Palm Beach-inspired look is the first bright spot on the runway. The dress is impeccably proportioned, has fantastic flow and movement and the print is pitch-perfect. Of course, it also looks like something Uli would make if she were feeling particularly sedate. The only thing that sets it apart from any other maxi dress is the detail work in the twisted straps and accents.

Nicolas – Michael Kors said it best when he stated that it looked like Nicolas designed for the movie “Grease” and not the country Greece. The shirt is interesting in that it looks like bandages and makes me think of a mummy and Halloween, but neither are particularly Grecian. Nor are the skinny fit gray suiting pants with white piping. He admits that he’s never been to Greece and that’s fair enough. But you do realize that it’s a hot environment at least, don’t you? Long sleeves and pants are not the order of the day.

Gordana – Her look is the clear winer in my eyes. I think the gray color speaks of the idea of the concrete jungle, the curved accents on the body of the dress communicate the design aspects of a vibrant city and the crystal necklace is the perfect amount of glitz to harken back to Park Avenue. I think she managed a perfect response to a poorly thought-out challenge and made the best of it. And further, this doesn’t look like something I can already find. It’s chic and unique.

Logan – His inspiration is supposed to be Hollywood, which should be rich soil for ideas. Why he would go to Lindsay Lohan and Mary Kate Olsen I just don’t know. And as such, just like the judges say, he created clothes, not fashion. White skinny jeans, a colored top and a black vest. The vest has some design detail that makes it a little interesting, but it is nowhere near enough to make the overall look interesting.

Yet again, the judges bewilder me by giving Irina another win. And further, when it comes down to Nicolas and Christopher, they send Nicolas home. The way I look at it, they both created poor designs, but at least Nicolas managed a pleasing shape. Christopher’s was — as Heidi said — unwearable. So what gives? He’s been in the bottom and snuck by just a few times too many at this point. Why are the producers keeping him?

Posted by:Jessica Paff