PR-Season09-Ep02.jpgThis week we return to our budding designers fresh off their first elimination and more inspired than ever. For the most part.

“I wouldn’t say I am trying to win this challenge as much as I am trying to just get by,” says Joshua C., who just barely escaped elimination last week.

Way to reach for the stars, kid.

This week’s challenge: “Unconventional.” Designers must get all their supplies from a pet store. They have $300 to spend. Live animals are off limits, which is too bad because bunny clutches are so in! Right? Right.

Oh, the drama: BERT! You’re killing us, man! Having won immunity last week, Bert has no interest in living up to his potential in this week’s challenge.

“Thank god I have immunity for this challenge, because I don’t get into that costume-y thing. It’s not my strength.” he says, then corrects himself: “Or not not my strength, I just don’t want to do it.”

Even though the other designers all can see that he’s phoning it in, it is Tim Gunn who is, as always, the voice of reason warning Bert that it could change the way the judges see him. As for the rest of the designers, they all seem to be struggling with time during this challenge, but Laura Kathleen and Joshua M. really push the time limit when they change their designs halfway through.

The Runway: Guys! Grey pants are out! Wee-wee pads are in! Yes, wee-wee pads. Ya know, the ones you use to train your puppies. Yeah. Those ones.

Both Viktor and Bryce use the tissue-like material in their outfits, however Bryce’s tissue skirt looks like, well, tissues. Not very fashion forward. Vicktor on the other hand manipulates and dyes the wee-wee pads into a beautiful purple material, constructing a mini-dress out of the  diaper-like material.

This week, though, Oliver and Anthony were the real superstars. Anthony’s bird seed dress was stunning and Oliver’s ombre bunny cage filler dress looked like it was out of the pages of Vogue.

Guest Judge: Stacey Bendet, founder and designer of Alice & Olivia.

Top 3: Anthony, Oliver, Joshua M
Bottom 3: Bryce, Joshua C, Fallene

Favorite of the week: Joshua M. He was so encouraging to other designers and had the best one liners:

“If you feel like it’s too much, add something else!”
“If that’s outside of the box, put me back in.”

Winner: Oliver
Out: Joshua C

Posted by:Jen Blushi