project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: A Look in the LineGretchen wakes up and says to April that she’s glad Valerie and Ivy are both gone from “Project Runway,” because they talked too much and pulled focus all of the time. On the runway, Heidi makes everyone change models. Mondo’s model goes home! That doesn’t seem quite fair, does it?

Heidi is the client! They have to design something for Heidi’s activewear line for New Balance. She shows them a few looks to give them inspiration. For someone always harping about high fashion, it’s not very wow.

Everyone is a little confused about how to begin, except maybe for Andy, because they’ve never really made activewear before. Gretchen says she doesn’t like Heidi in the workroom. Christopher’s model leaves, so Mondo’s model gets another chance! Mondo has a meeting with Heidi and it goes beautifully wrong. She’s snarky about his work and he sort of throws it right back at her. Then, she says she thinks he’s being rude and he says that, actually, he’s being hurt. That said, she was going to hate his work on the runway, so it’s good he got a chance to save it. He gets really upset, and Christopher gives him a really generous pep talk. Gretchen also freaks out when Heidi criticizes her. She had some moments where she went a little too far, but I think some of her frustration was warranted, though you wouldn’t talk to your boss that way. Other Michael gets a bunch of criticism again, but Heidi digs his stuff. Before she leaves, she tells them that they have to create 3 looks total.

Former designers are sent in to help. Other Michael is freaked because so many of them were assholes to him. Mondo chooses Valerie. Gretchen chooses Casanova. Christopher chooses Ivy. Other Michael chooses AJ. April chooses “the hot blonde” Peach. And, Andy gets Cute Michael! YAY!

Ivy calls Other Michael a cheater. Huh? She is an asshole. Sadly, no one really checked her, which I found upsetting. Maybe I missed something? He doesn’t seem like a cheater to me. Lucky? Yes. Unsophisticated? Perhaps. Devious? I, uh, just don’t think so. Mondo and Gretchen at least interview that it’s ridiculous to act like Other Michael isn’t appreciated authentically by the judges.

Norma Kamali is the guest judge. Mondo, April and Andy are in the top. Gretchen, Other Michael and Christopher are in the bottom. Gretchen argues with her on the runway. Andy wins! Not really excited. Christopher is out. Sweet guy.

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