project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: A Sheep In Wolf's ClothingJust before everything begins, I’m wondering if it’s going to be open season on Bert or maybe everyone has broken down and they’re just going to move past everything and take care of business. Also, in the “last time on Project Runway” bit, they show an interview with Laura talking about how Becky is too emotional — an interview we haven’t seen — so I’m wondering if these guys just gave away the outcome of this episode? We’ll see, together.

The episode begins with Bert and Anthony apparently calling a truce! So, it’s the latter! Hopefully. Becky moves in with the other girls and Laura tells us that she really doesn’t like her. Heidi is so pretty. The designers are sent to meet Tim at a school. They’re going to be working with children. Viktor is not excited. They will collaborate with a kid on a work of art, then create an avant-garde look for the runway based on the work. That’s kind of rad. Viktor’s collaborator makes him want to drink. I am. Drinking. Josh C.’s girl is so sweet, I’m adopting her. So, they’re all painting and Anthony’s work with a lovely girl is so beautiful, I want to cry.

They have to sketch stuff based on the paintings and it seems so hard to me, because the paintings are fantastic and living up to them seems like such a challenge. Olivier is starting to feel unsure about himself. The designers don’t want to be too literal, regarding the paintings, which is weird since avant-garde moments are the time to really go for that in the weirdest way, right? Olivier decides to work with chiffon and Josh C. is working with fake fur.

Viktor thinks, based on everyone’s fabric choices, that everyone is going down. Josh M. tells us that he lost his mom a couple of years ago. People have a lot of fears about Josh C.’s fake fur moment. God, I love him and hope he’s not failing. Josh M. hopes that his direction in the last challenge helps Becky be more creative. We’ll talk more about that later.

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