project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: Clowns Puking RainbowsIt’s back! This year, the show takes a particularly cruel turn at the very beginning and invites 20 designers to the show, only to kick off 4 before the competition proper even begins. Everyone seems to get along well as they all meet. They present their designs to Heidi, Nina, Michael and Tim. Are those Twitter tags that are featured the name panels when the designers are presented? Must be. The judges are awfully jovial. I will speak more of this later, but…Heidi Klum has a DEFINITE career as a lounge singer in her hopefully immediate future. This **** ain’t a lie. She sang briefly. It was perfect.

Immediately after the presentations, Heidi comes out and in excruciatingly slow fashion tells the designers who is in and who is out. All of the people who go home seemed like nice and talented folks. One girl postponed her wedding in Iceland for this. Ouch. One guy says he’s going to have to wait tables again. I feel you. One guy made a dress so crazy and for the Kentucky Derby that he should be designing for Nicole Sherzinbabaganoush or whatever that Pussycat Doll girl’s name is anyway, so they’ve done him a favor. Then, there was one perky girl who is clearly going to be cutting herself when she gets home. Live with that, Nina.

They go to the Atlas apartments to unpack and sleep, but Tim wakes them all up at 5 AM. He makes them all join him in their pajamas and a bed sheet. Weird. They go to Parsons where their challenge is to create a look from their pj’s and the bed sheet. Christina Ricci is the guest judge and looking fierce. The looks hit the runway and most everyone does a pretty impressive job. Cecilia made a dress that featured a clown puking rainbows that had been on her t-shirt. Inspired. Bert (this old guy who has lost like everyone in his life and apparently went to DC to be a drunk for like 15 years — his being alive, much less on this show, is a triumph), Anthony Ryan (testicular cancer survivor) and Anya (Miss Trinidad) have the top looks. Anya seems to have a lot of design skill but not much sewing expertise and managed to make pants (for the first time) that the everyone loved, especially the butt part. Bert used his gingham boxers and made this amazingly constructed cocktail dress that the judges love and deign the winner. Joshua, Rafael and Julie all had the bottom looks, though you can’t totally blame someone for not being able to bang something out with their ratty pajama bottoms. Rafael gets the boot for his ill-fitting stretchy pants and tiered shirt.

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