project runway heidi tim 'Project Runway' recap: Death of a SeamstressEverybody’s shocked that Rami is gone. Me too, frankly. They all head to Circle-in-the-Square to hear about their next challenge. Kenley tells us that she goes to Broadway plays all of the time! Seriously, folks, it’s like she is just saying all of the right things this season. Godspell is playing at the theatre and they meet Stephen Schwartz, the composer. He tells them that the winner of the next challenge will have their design featured in the show, as well as their bio in the playbill. Crazy. They’re designing for this rich girl character played by this lovely actress, Uzo. The costume is assembled on the actress on stage, so it has to be separates. Angela wishes them broken legs, then they start sketching. Kenley and Kara are very complimentary to each other and Mila does NOT LIKE IT.

When Joanna comes to visit, she says that she thinks this is one of the most exciting challenges that the show has had (I agree!). I think she purposefully tries to frighten Austin about his design though and that doesn’t seem very nice. She tells Kara that her work doesn’t seem ambitious enough. That’s kind of true. Joanna says that she was in a non-professional production of Godspell once upon a time. After she leaves, Kara starts bawling.

After the initial fitting, Mondo decides that he’s going to have remake his look. He’s having nightmares about Cynthia Rowley’s critique of his look last week. In all, the designers seem kind of fatigued. Mondo explains that acknowledging that he’s stuck makes him able to really conquer a challenge, which I think says a lot about his process and confidence.

Austin has a conflict with Jerell about the use of the sewing machines, but it seems like much ado about nuthin’. The show has really dropped the concept of learning about the models, hasn’t it? Jerell says that Mila’s look is “girl who can’t get into the club.” Ouch.

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