project runway heidi tim 'Project Runway' recap: Does This Hat Make Moi's Ears Look Fat?This week, the designers are designing for Miss Piggy. Since she wears a lot of designer clothes, I’m not sure I understand what is special about the challenge, but, nonetheless, it IS the challenge. Most people go big and dramatic, but Gordana makes something soft and feminine. I honestly have watched it like three times and I am still not sure I understand exactly what happened, but Mondo and Kara appear to fight over a pair of gloves that were on the Neiman Marcus accessory wall. Beats me how you can claim anything that’s on the wall, when it’s right there and you could just go take it, meaning that ownership wouldn’t be an issue because it would be in your actual possession — but we have that problem.

You know, Austin has laid off the make-up a little and he looks absolutely adorable this week. Mila calls out Kara and Kenley (in an interview) for being needy and constantly wanting input from the other designers. Oddly, something about the non-human aspect of the challenge makes everyone create pretty interesting work. It’s all dramatic and funny and cute.

There’s a lovely moment were all of the designers are sitting around chatting and laughing and commiserating about how hard it is to be a designer. It’s really nice. So, it’s Kara who ruins that moment. She doesn’t take the stuff she wants off the wall, then she’s like, “Where’s my stuff?” when someone else takes it.

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