project runway all stars winner 'Project Runway' recap: Dress Them UpThe show begins with everyone getting ready for their big show. Mondo pretends that he’s crying about how much Michael wants this, even though he wants it so much too. Sorry, don’t believe that at all. He also says that Austin is dressed like Liza Minnelli and you know how I feel about that bull****. But, you don’t know how I feel about Liza Minnelli, which is, frankly, epic and not the right time. Meanwhile, Austin could have said something about how Mondo looked like kd lang.They arrive at Gotham Hall in Manhattan for the big show. Austin gives Mondo a kiss on the head when they are in the beautiful space, because he is a lovely person.

Joanna pays a visit backstage when everyone is scrambling to finish their looks. Austin is working in a way that we can’t really see what the problem is. Michael has several fit problems that make him work until the last minute. Mondo seems to be completely finished, which I guess sets him up for the win.

On the runway, Angela introduces the judges, including Tommy Hilfiger and Ken Downing from Neiman Marcus. Austin’s collection is first and it includes a pink jodhpur jumpsuit, a couple of really lovely cocktail dresses, a super dramatic couture gown, a catsuit that is SICK and a wedding gown with a black belt. Beautiful.

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