project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: Finale, Part 1So, Tim visits all of the designers in their homes. Andy gets a safe and cautious evaluation. He tells Other Michael that he needs to stop designing and start to edit one of the 700 pieces that he designed. We also meet his PARTNER, Richard. But, it makes sense when you find out that OM’s family hasn’t been very supportive of him being gay or being a designer. He was hiding for a long time.

Mondo’s inspiration is Day of the Dead imagery and it’s pretty remarkable. There’s a ton of stuff and a lot of fun ideas. Tim poses the possibility that maybe he’s trying to hard, but Mondo assures him that he isn’t. Tim visits his family, where his mom says that she tried really hard to make Mondo into a macho guy. Instead, he became very good at the piano. 

Gretchen’s having to move at the same time that Tim visits. Her relationship fell apart while she was away, and she’s broke. Poor Gretchen. Seriously. She says that she’s embarrassed that Tim is visiting at this time, but she’s proud of her collection. Tim tells her that, had he not had a serious relationship fall apart, he would never have moved to New York. Bless his heart. She interviews that she’d really missed him and is glad to share this with him. Her stuff is a little too hippie for me, but it’s direct. He has brunch with her and her mother and they discuss Gretchen’s control-freak ways, but she takes it all in stride.

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