project runway heidi tim 'Project Runway' recap: For The PeopleThe designers are required to create a ready-to-wear look within a budget for Nanette Lapore. Everybody does a pretty good job staying within their budget. Mondo is in the shiz this week. He’s super worried about failing and not having control. Michael is a little turned off by Mondo’s negative attitude. Austin and Michael are talking a lot of shiz about each other’s work in interviews. Nanette comes into the workroom for consultation and she seems really demure. She has a problem with Kenley, because her dress is looking different from her sketch.

Tensions are up all over the place. Everyone is nervous and talking smack about the others. Except, oddly, for the increasingly Zen Kenley. She’s a freaking basket of kittens this season and, frankly, it makes me nervous. Tug boat justice includes revenge served cold. This could all be a ruse. That said, everyone but her seems to be really worried about their work. Well, maybe Michael’s not that worried, but he should be if you ask me. Mondo seems to hate Austin. Right? That’s bull shiz.

With the exception of Michael, who has made this very dress before and everyone says so, the other dresses are pretty cute. Austin makes an adorable a-line raincoat with a sassy belt. The judges all have nice and not-so nice things to say about each design. Kenley and Michael are essentially the bottom two and the judges all agree that this is the hardest choice that they have had to make. They nail Kenley for not taking advice and…she’s out. Which means that Michael is one of the top three all-stars. That seems like total bull**** to me. She’s a super good sport about it.

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