mondo guerra project runway s8 ep 2 320 'Project Runway' recap: Go with your gutSarah thinks the show is torture. Blah. People are making judgments. Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, fills the designers in on their new torture experience, ur, challenge. The designers are supposed to design a look that defines the Marie Claire woman. I have so many things to say about that, and I’m absolutely saving all of them for the recap. All I have to say is… TNT. The network, not the explosive. The winner will have a billboard in Times Square. Some photographer who is apparently huge will be shooting it, though I’d never heard of him. And, I know nothing. I mean, everything. I know everything.

Jason is still wearing his stupid hat. Michael Drummond is still cuter than bows. Can’t stand it. Mondo tells us that he doesn’t sketch until he has his supplies. Casanova brains Peach with a bolt of fabric at Mood. Danger. A.J. refuses to help Casanova make a pattern and… well, I really can’t blame him, though it was ugly to watch.

Tim enters and tells Mondo in the loveliest way that his design in the first challenge was a revelation. Then, Mondo explains that he doesn’t have a sketch, which Tim kindly doesn’t freak out about. The same can’t be said for his reaction to Jason’s lack of progress, and he looks pretty hot in a tank top, though still stupid with his ridonk hat. Tim thinks that Jason is headed for disaster. Gretchen thinks that Nicholas is ripping off her first challenge dress. Tim, possibly blowing his load for the entire season, asks Michael Costello if his weird slutty kimono isn’t very “Blanche Devereaux.” Tim Gunn is Dead, Long Live Tim Gunn.

As they scramble, Peach looks like she’s in big trouble, which is sad because she’s so weirdly self-aware. Tim returns and tells everyone that, the next morning, they will each have a shoot with a photographer. The judges will consider the shoot with the runway show. Amazingly, Gretchen helps Casanova even though she doesn’t want to do that. Later, they’re all at home and seemingly having a good time. Then, we see that Mondo is totally, devastatingly lonely and hasn’t been able to connect with his fellow designers (though I think a few of them would like to know him better) and it’s very sad.

At the photo shoots, we see an interesting side of all of the designers. They take charge and look alternately skilled and amateurish. At the runway show, Heidi shows up and does her increasingly offensive lack of actual work. No one is getting immunity. The guest judge is Joanna Coles.

There’s a bunch of talk about what a Marie Claire woman is, which doesn’t hold a lot of water, since that’s their sponsor. Valerie gets a lot of good response — go CLEVELAND.

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