project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: Hello, Fashion's Changing!It’s Fashion Week! Everyone is really really aware that this is a “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” experience. All of the season’s eliminated designers join the finalists at Parson’s. Nice way to give us a reunion! We see clips of each the finalists’ journey to the finale. Not sure I really needed that. Peach tells us that she has a big gay following now. I’d say she had one when she was born. I mean, they named her Peach. Valerie says that she got a marriage proposal from some guy on Facebook.

Then, it gets real. Real Quick. Nicholas (Remember Nicholas? Me neither) says he gets asked if hot Jason is crazy, if Ivy is mean (she is) and is Gretchen a bitch. Gretchen starts crying and says a woman gets called a bitch when she’s confident and has an opinion. Ivy says it’s fake, and April concurs! They say that she would act one way then say s****y stuff in the interviews. Sweet Jesus, I’ve ALWAYS wanted someone to get called on the stuff they say in the interviews! She says that her biased opinion about design is not about someone’s character, it’s just her opinion. Then, THEN, Other Michael sticks up for her. Wow. Did you ever THINK! Weird. That was weird. Mondo apologizes for being such a bitch to Other Michael. A.J. says that he learned from his wrong first impression of Other Michael, and no one else offers an apology. Hmm. Heidi says that this season had a lot of personalities this year. She says that everyone was real. We see clips of everyone laughing and crying. Tim is misty afterwards.

Everyone’s shows are what you would expect. Warrior, eclectic and crunch — you pick out who is who. That’s not to say that they weren’t all super-entertaining. We just know at this point. Oh God, Jessica Simpson is the guest judge. Andy got a criticism for being too narrow in scope, though Nina was happy he had a softness. Gretchen gets kudos for all of her separates and her sexy styling. Mondo gets equal parts admiration and criticism for his polka dot dress, which he brings to the runway judging again. Michael tells him to never lose his love of drama, but it can get a bit costume-y.

The judges argue about whether Gretchen or Mondo should be the winner. God, they really hate Heidi. Heidi really wants Mondo, while Nina and Michael are totally on the Gretchen Death March. Nina and Michael call Heidi a liar for saying she would wear that polka dot dress. Gretchen’s the winner! She’s wearing panties under a see-through skirt.

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