project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: How Much Is That Doggie On That Dress?Heidi tells everyone that their next challenge (the “Unconventional Challenge”) is going to “unleash” their inner beast. Josh M. thinks that they’re going to some sort of fetish shop and I’m not surprised by his assumption. Tim tells everyone that they are going to make looks from supplies found in a pet shop. Olivier tells us that he has never had any pets, except for rabbits, which died. He’s amazing. Bert, who has immunity, does not give a rat’s ass about doing anything at all.

So, Olivier. Easily the cutest guy of the season. But… the accent? He apparently moved to England from Colombus, Ohio six years ago. And, he already has that accent. Still cute, but I don’t believe anything about him now. Josh C. is really worried about the judges approving of his fit on the model, so he doesn’t think about design at all. Josh M. thinks about turning up the volume to the fullest extent. Laura uses dog collars to make a skirt that has volume. People are worried, but she rocks it. Tim sort of admonishes Bert for being so lame about this challenge, but he doesn’t really seem to care.

On the runway, Josh M., Anthony and Olivier have the top looks, with Olivier being the ultimate winner for his chic doggie bed-constructed look. A lot of people use pee pads for dogs as their fabric and that works well for some people, not for everyone. Also, Josh C., Bryce and Fallene have the bottom looks. Now, anyone watching will be like, “That Bryce seems like a nice fellow. Too bad he made an entire look out of pee pads and has to leave now.” You, as I was, would be wrong if you did that. It’s Josh C, whose Mormonism attached to everything else he is I was really interested in hearing about, who gets the boot.

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