project runway heidi tim 'Project Runway' recap: I Live For TeletubbiesOK, this is weird, I mean, “unique.” The designers have to use technology to make an avant garde look. Like, lights and stuff. The guest judge is Pharrell Williams! I’m OBSESSED with this guy’s style, so that’s really freaking cool. I also have a story that I will tell later. About him. Mondo, of the constant quips, informs us that Austin has become a high-maintenance prima donna. I’m not sure how much I trust his opinion. They go to a special effects showroom to choose their lighting. How does Austin grow a mustache this quickly? He was clean-faced during the last challenge, right? Is it fake? Oh God, if he’s wearing a fake mustache I will never stop loving him. He looks like a cross between Claudette Colbert and Errol Flynn.

Michael is really out of his element for this challenge. Both Jerell and Mondo give Kenley a hard time about using the same silhouette as before. I guess Isaac (who I saw last night at the premiere of the Mark Morris piece that he costumed — costumes: meh/ dance: MEH) opened the door to criticize her in that way. That said, Mondo actually compliments her design during his interview. Austin Skypes with his mother and she tells him that her house in foreclosure, which is seriously horrible. He tells her that he won’t let her down. So, there’s proof that Austin was actually born and didn’t spring fully formed from the forest morning dew. Mondo has a lot of technical problems during his fitting. Austin comments that Mondo’s look doesn’t really say avant garde, which is interesting because his natural style is usually pretty cutting edge.

Pharrell is awesome. The show is interesting. Mondo’s look is indeed pretty simple. Jerell’s look is certainly him, but I wouldn’t say that’s a great thing. Kenley made this lattice jacket that is different than anything she’s done. It’s really cool. Austin made this dreamy thing that he’s in love with. I think it’s swell. Michael made this samurai glowing thing. Seriously. I mean, who can argue with that? The girl’s face is covered. Isaac commends Kenley for stretching herself. Isaac compares Mondo’s look to Teletubbies, which he reveals is his favorite, favorite thing. Georgina is enchAHnted by Austin’s dress and I’ve never heard a word so delightfully pronounced. Pharrell thinks that Michael’s look is better suited for Comic Con than a runway. Heh.

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