project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: If You've Got Nothing Nice To Say, Come Design By MeSo, on “Project Runway,” Ivy is alive. She needs to stop smoking and drinking so much Diet Coke. The challenge is to design a gown to complement a Philip Treacy hat. Treacy is on the show and seems like an awesome weirdo. Some designers are super-excited, while others are stumped. Everybody is uniform, though in their constant criticism of other designers. Casanova thinks that Other Michael makes boring s***. Kristin thinks his taste is off. Gretchen doesn’t like Kristin’s work and feels that April’s work is too “student.” And on and on and on.

Other Michael has a problem with his dress being crappy, so he starts over. Also, we learn that he has a son. April makes hot pants, and everyone acts as if she spit on a nun. Cute Michael wears possibly the most adorable work outfit of all time. He looks like a Dolce & Gabbana cobbler.

The show is perplexing. Mainly, the choices of top and bottom designers. Christopher is in the bottom, and I really don’t understand. Also, Other Michael is in the top! Valerie and Cute Michael are also in the top. April and Kristin are in the bottom with Christopher. April cries backstage after the critique, and I want to hug her and make her some banana bread. And, Other Michael rips the win from Cute Michael! Everyone, EVERYONE is shocked. Me, too. And, Kristin goes home.

Photo credit: Lifetime

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