project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: Josh Is A JerkJosh is in Full B**** from the first effing frames of this freaking episode, whining about how Anya’s not showing the “best of the best.” I will point out SO MANY THINGS come recap time. Anya’s feeling a lot of pressure to progress. And, it’s the final challenge! The designers meet Tim on Governor’s Island to find out about the challenge. On the ferry over, Josh had a moment to congratulate himself for making it to the top five and I’m not even kidding. So, Tim greets them and introduces them to some people who talk about how Governor’s Island is an artist’s playground. Kimberly is the tallest remaining designer, FYI. Then, he tells them that they have to create three looks that exhibit range. They can use anything on the island for inspiration. They get golf carts, which is fun.

Anya seems incredibly focused at Mood, while Laura overspends like a crazy person. At the workroom, Tim enters with the button bag. Then, he brings in the last five eliminated designers. The designers who are chosen from the bag get to choose an assistant from the eliminated bunch. Kimberly goes first and she chooses Becky. Viktor chooses Olivier, who apparently doesn’t even like Viktor that much. Laura chooses Anthony. So, Anya and Josh are standing next to each other and she jokes that he shouldn’t fight with her and he says that she’s getting “very aggressive” which is that loudmouth’s favorite thing to say about someone. Heaving flames. Side of my face. Anya chooses Bert, which leaves Josh with Bryce.

While they’re working, Josh starts talking smack about Anya and she overhears enough to find it really testy and uncomfy. Tim tries to talk Laura out of using this big circular pattern on all three of her looks. Kimberly keeps changing her mind about what she wants to do, which makes Becky accurately question whether she has much vision. Viktor starts ragging on Anya’s sewing skills too. Bleh.

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