project runway heidi tim 'Project Runway' recap: Just Read The Actual Episode TitleWith Kara gone, here seem to be two camps. Kenley and Austin vs. everyone else. I guess I’m Team Kaustin? They meet Angela at the UN building to hear about the next challenge. Their challenge is to design a dress based on the colors of the flag of one of the major world regions. Mondo chooses Jamaica, Michael chooses Greece, Mila chooses Papua New Guinea, Jerell gets India, Austin goes with Seychelles (admission: never freaking heard of that country) and Kenley gets Chile. So, they’re also required to base their designs on the culture of the country they got. OK, Austin is wearing this sort of French sailor outfit that’s so cute and that needs to be said.

Mondo stresses — quite accurately I believe — that the real difficulty of the challenge is not getting too literal. Poor Austin has the hardest time. He has a ton of freaking colors. Joanna comes in for a consultation and declares that it’s the most talented room in the history of Project Runway. Sorry Kara! She asks Mondo how a bra is meant to be worn with his design and he says it’s supposed to be worn bra-free. Wrong answer! Michael’s dress can’t be worn with a bra either and Joanna really has a problem with this. She says that women WANT to wear underwear. People are getting bolder talking **** about each other’s designs, though Austin does say some kind things about Mila’s design. Kenley uses polka dots again, which…sorry, I just don’t mind. Mila hates that Kenley always uses the same silhouette every time. Mondo doesn’t even know why she’s still there. He tells Michael, to his face, that his dress is “Greece Frightening.” Clever.

Everybody really scrambles to finish their designs. Everybody thinks that Michael’s gown looks like a pageant gown. Austin thinks that Jerell’s gown is vulgar, tasteless and hideous. Ouch. Mila’s shizo half and half gown looks like a costume that someone might wear to perform the Lady Gaga/Beyonce hit “Telephone” on the erstwhile lip syncing showcase Puttin’ On The Hits. I’m completely right about that, FYI.

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