project runway heidi tim 'Project Runway' recap: Microwaved Haute CoutureBadgley and Mischka (who are surprisingly totally American?) arrive and challenge the all-stars to make some haute couture evening wear that would be worn to the opera… in a day. Austin immediately feels the throw of the gauntlet and feels that he has to do something spectacular. Once again, Michael and April choose the same materials for their looks. Michael switches colors, though April thinks that it doesn’t matter since their aesthetics are so different. Then, she dyes part of her fabric (in an attempt to achieve the Corpse Bride looking she’s going for) and everyone murmurs that this could be the end of April. Joanna wonders if she’s wasting time with dyeing.

Sweet P is feeling a little down after being in the bottom two during the previous challenge. She worries that it makes her look like a loser. Her dress has the same silhouette as her dress from last week. She doesn’t seem very excited about it when she shows it to Joanna. After her consultation, she spends most the day trying to adorn (and correct?) the bodice on her look.

Mila praises Michael for working really quickly. It just feels weird considering people only seem to condescend to him normally. Jerell thinks what he’s making looks tacky, but Joanna tells him that it’s dramatic and she doesn’t make it sound like she thinks that’s a bad thing. She does wonder though if he has considered how a woman will feel actually wearing the dress and he admits to not thinking about that.

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