project runway heidi tim 'Project Runway' recap: Muses Without ShoesesAngela meets the designers in Central Park to give them their challenge. She tells them that they will have to find a muse in the park and convince them to give up their clothing which the designers will then use to create a fashion-forward new look. Anthony points out that, while he has gotten some heat for having too much personality, it will take personality to get people to give up their threads. They have to go up to people and get them to change out of their clothes and wear a white t-shirt or some nonsense instead. It’s so painful to watch. I love it. Anthony even gets some underwear model to take his pants off and it’s all very remarkable. Money was tight because they had to use part of it to buy the clothes from the people and ya’ll know New Yorkers wear some expensive clothes.

No one really has an easy time in the workroom. It ended up where a lot of the designers’ first instincts were to just adorn the **** out of the clothes that they had. Wow, speaking of which- Jerell really, really goes over the top. His look is something so… fully insane that I’m surprised he wasn’t subjected to immediate consultation with mental health care professionals. Anthony feels that Kenley is too loud. Then, Michael whispers in Mila’s ear that Kenley helped Kara finish her sewing and Mila’s all up-in-arms. Seriously though, I’m so happy that Kenley is not being a surly and hateful person all of the time that I really can’t be bothered by this. I mean, fine, Kenley is obviously going through a manic phase right now which is manifesting itself in her blindingly sunny disposition, one that reminds me of Burgess Meredith in The Day of the Locust, but isn’t this softer? I like soft. She’s like the Snuggle teddy bear on coke.

Sean Avery, of hot rabblerousing hockey player fame, is our guest judge. He is handsome and vacuous, always a delicious combination. This show is certainly the best so far of the season. It was really rigorous creatively while giving them time to really do some nice craftsmanship. So, when you were offended (i.e. JERELL), it wasn’t because something was made for ****, it was because it was damn tacky. The top are Mondo, Rami and Austin. The bottom are Anthony, Michael (whose super-skimpy onesie I actually thought was pretty cute) and Jerell. What’s interesting is it really wasn’t poorly made. It was just so completely ugly. I don’t even really have words for it right now. Rami is safe. Mondo is the winner of the challenge! Austin is safe. So is Jerell!! I can’t believe it. It’s down to Michael and Anthony — Michael for poorish construction and Anthony for being lazy. And, Anthony is out. Michael gives him the biggest cry face hug. But, Anthony goes out with his head held high.

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