Project-Runway-season-10.jpgThe show begins with Andrea missing and Kooan showing signs of stress. So, Tim says that Andrea left without anyone knowing. And, then Christopher says that he feels like this was a joke being played on him, displaying tell-tale signs of a narcissism that I feel like had already started to say show last week. Then, they interview everyone else who fairly bashes her for leaving, including Ven who says that it was bad form for a teacher. Whatever being a teacher and being a reality TV show dancing monkey have in common beats me. They work hard to conflate the rigors of this show with the difficulties of working in fashion and maybe they have some sort of point, but… I don’t know.

The challenge is presented at the Michael Kors flagship. They’re challenged to create a look for a woman on the go. ****ing A, these people talk a lot of trash about Andrea. I think it’s super presumptuous of them to pretend they know what was going on. Everyone develops a scenario for their woman on the go and they’re mostly completely fictive, like Christian’s girl who wears Louboutins to a dive bar? Yeah, that’s a whole type of person. They go to Mood and there’s a lot of tension hanging in the air. Then, back at the workroom, Kooan announces that he thinks he should go. God, they make this show seem like the worst place to ever be in the world. Tim comes in and tells us that Andrea is fine and is not coming back to the show. Kooan announces that he wants to find another way to make it in the industry. This means that Raul gets to come back. Ven bitches about him complaining to much and Alicia says that his construction skills suck.

They’re calling this the Michael Kors Challenge. During consultations, Fabio looks like he might be in a little trouble. Buffi’s taste level also comes into question for a lot of the designers. Tim tells Christopher that he’s worried about him because he seems ambivalent, but he assures him that he’s happy to be there.

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