project runway allstars 'Project Runway' recap: Sacred GeometryWow, Mondo’s really showing off those legs! I guess, since Heidi’s not around, that was kind of necessary. By the way, Heidi’s not there. Neither are the judges, nor Tim! No Tim! Instead of Heidi, we have completely accentless Angela Lindvall. The judges are Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi. So, Mondo and his legs start off the show and we meet all of the returning designers, most of whom seem to really deserve their shot at winning the big prize, which includes a one year editorship at Marie Claire.

The designers all show a recent design and everyone is pretty impressive. Mila, naturally, makes something that is color-blocked and Anthony, sweet, sweet, Anthony makes something that Julia Sugarbaker would have loved. No surprises there. But, Rami makes a design that is inspired by the Disney Concert Hall (read: NOT DRAPED).

Then, they all go to the Flatotel and see an encouraging video message from Valentino. Half of the designers cry about it and I thought that was totally lame. The next day, they hear from Angela (who is really just no Heidi, I’m sorry) that they have to make a look reflecting the look they showed previously… with items from a 99 cent store. People are uvulating a lot this season, which I find odd. April from Season 8 has dyed her hair silver and I love it. Anthony decides that he’s not going to be too critical of Elisa’s nutty behavior, seeing as he had a grandmother committed to the “crazy house” and he knows from crazy. Joanna Coles, the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, is the mentor and she really brings an interesting perspective. She’s super hard on Sweet Pea (love!) and Elisa. Austin Scarlett, whose improbably increased affectedness I am still wondering if I love or hate, burns a hole in his plastic dress and has to improvise.

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