project runway heidi tim 'Project Runway' recap: Seasons of ChangeThe show starts with Mondo saying that he loves Kenley even though he initially thought she was annoying and love to push her buttons. Mila comes out to tell everyone that it’s time to leave, which is telling. Angela meets the designers carrying a **** ton of weekend bags. Everyone picks one and inside is a placard with a season of the year on it. It’s a face-off with each season. Because we have eight now. They have to create a seasonal getaway look based on the season that they get. Austin and Kara are Spring. Kenley and Mondo are Summer. Michael and Jerell are Winter, which means that Mila and Rami are Autumn. They go to Mood and Rami looks super hot in a white tank and green slacks. Just saying.

Everybody gets really competitive. Jerell gets pissed off because he feels that Michael completely copies his design. No one really argues with that perception, though no one really thinks that he does it on purpose. Joanna comes in and senses the tension and has a group pow-wow. Though everyone pretty much acknowledges that they saw Jerell’s design first, Joanna wonders if maybe it’s OK to steal an idea from someone when you think it’s better than your own ideas. For his part, Michael doesn’t care that Jerell thinks he stole from him. There’s a weird lunchtime scene where the two of them face off. Jerell pushes the idea that Michael stole from him and, I don’t know if it’s because he’s not good at defending himself, Michael’s not very good at defending himself.

Mila makes a cape, which is a big deal, because she don’t do that sort a thang. We hear a LOT about her troubles. Rami has a problem with it, which makes me think she’s going down. Cynthia Rowley is the guest judge! The looks come in pairs, by the season. I’d say Austin wins Spring. Kenley and Mondo for Summer are kind of a draw, quite honestly. They’re both ADORABLE. Mila and Rami. Rami, I think, definitely. Mila’s idea of a cape is gorgeous, but I’m not sure she pulled it off. Michael and Jerell have the same look. But according to the judges, Kara wins over Austin, which is weird. Cynthia has a problem with Mondo’s styling. Kenley had the high score. Backstage, Mondo cries and Kenley is a super good sport. See? She’s the good one this season. Rami gets praise for his design, though Isaac doesn’t like his use of GREEN. Mila has the high score! Weird. Why do they make us think she’s ****ing up the whole time? Jerell slyly says that he and Michael were inspired by the same “bug.” Jerell gets the high score for his season, even though they were the same exact look. It’s weird, because, though nothing is like mind-blowingly amazing; nothing feels like it’s worthy of being ridiculed.

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