project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: Sew A Ribbon On Your FingerIt’s getting really real for the designers, now that Anthony (Ryan) is gone. I never could call him Anthony Ryan. It just felt weird. They don’t really suit each other, those names. They meet Tim for the challenge and Collier Strong is there! Also, there are a bunch of exotic birds. I’m scared for those birds. This is the Paris Challenge. The designers have to create a couture look that is inspired by a bird. The winner of the challenge will be featured in Marie Claire and will take home 20 grand. Seriously. They have to work in teams of two which, of course, excites no one. But, they are randomly matched with the button bag and it’s Anya and Laura, Bert and Josh and Viktor and Kimberly. Everyone seems pleased with their teammate. They are matched with specific birds — Anya and Laura get a raven, Bert and Josh get a parrot and Viktor and Kimberly get this fluffy pink bird. Tim adds that this is a head-to-head challenge. The people on the teams are actually working against each other. One person from each team will be on top and one person will be on the bottom.

Josh thinks he’s more high fashion than Bert. Is that true? Tim tells the designers that they have to make a second version of their look, a read-to-wear look. A cockroach makes an appearance in the workroom and Kimberly freaks OUT. Then, she sews through her finger. Poor thing is not having a good day. She has a moment in the bathroom but pulls it together. Kimberly has had a rough go of it — her mom, stepdad and brother have all died — and the stakes in this challenge bring all of that up for her.

Josh decides to scrap his original dress and start over and gets upset that Anya won’t lend him any fabric. Tim comes in to consult and gives Kimberly a huge hug and tells her to stop thinking and just feel. She scraps her original idea and ends up with a one-shouldered gown that Viktor feels is a rip-off of his look. On the day of the show, Tim tells the designers that they have to (get to?) choose the favorite of their two looks to walk the runway.

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