project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: Standing For It, He Will NotAs we begin, Anya and Josh M. are expressing some anxiety about not winning more (or any) challenges, though they haven’t really received a lot of criticism. Heidi tells the designers that they will be working in two teams of five and everyone is unexcited. She also says that no one will be the leader. Anthony gets first choice because he won the last challenge. He gets first choice, so he chooses Anya. Heidi chooses a button from the button bag for the first person on the second team and it’s Josh. He asks if he’s the leader. No, bitch. Everybody’s starting to hate him. Get in line. He chooses Laura. Anya chooses Viktor. Laura chooses Kimberly (she’s not excited). Viktor chooses Olivier. Kimberly chooses Becky (she’s not excited). Olivier chooses Bryce, which means that Bert is last choice. Heidi is sad for him. Bert is not excited to be working with Josh and Laura.

Tim tells the designers that they will be creating textiles from their designs. The challenge is to create five looks for a collection, then create a full-fledged fashion show, with all of the trappings (i.e. music, projections, human sacrifices, etc.). At least three of the looks from each collection need to include the textile designs and they need to be prominent. Betsey Johnson is a guest! She tells the designers that “the girl” is where she starts. What is that girl like, what does she like to do?

The Josh team is a disaster from the get-go, while Anthony’s team is on fire. Josh M. needs a ****ing spanking. He is so crazy with Bert, who is not a teddy bear, but COME ON. He’s all like, “I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT!” Everybody seems to know that he’s being an ******* though. So crazy. Everyone seems to think his mother’s death is the reason for his behavior? Seriously, the other team is in heaven. People go out in the city with video cameras to capture footage for the fashion shows. Josh films Laura in lots of shoes. I hate him so much, but he does apologize at the end of the day for his crazy behavior. Bert is skeptical but accepts the apology.

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