Project-Runway-season-10.jpgWe start the show with all of the designers spouting the platitudes about “I thought my look was the strongest” and “every challenge, someone has to go” that we’ve come to know so well. It makes me wonder if one day many, many years from now there will be some sort of new-ish religion where the Lord’s Prayer includes lines like “I didn’t come here to make friends.”

The designers meet at Dylan’s Candy Bar, a truly special place. This is the unconventional materials challenge and they are going to have to create a look out of candy. Gunnar interviews that he dreamt this challenge before he came to the show. Dude is a pill. Also, I’d like to add that Dylan Lauren seems like someone it would be fun to be friends with. She has a fun voice.

Gunnar and Christopher are still at odds and it really makes Gunnar look like a psycho jerk. Ven is not into Buffi, who I really thought that spelled her name with a y. At the consultations, Kooan is such a complete little weirdo and it’s so authentic that Tim doesn’t seem particularly fazed. Tim rips Andrea APART at the consult. He tells her that her work is a throw-away and underwhelming and disappointed. She is hugely affected by the critique and it makes me kind of upset for her.

At the fittings, a model eats a piece of candy. We see it. It’s recorded.

Christopher is totally freaked out by how Gunnar has flipped from being completely bitchy to being everyone’s best friend. He vows to keep his distance. Andrea decides to stick with her original idea. Everyone is getting burnt by hot glue. Elena gets particularly hurt and medics have to attend to her, though Christopher makes the valid point that she shouldn’t be wearing hoochie shorts to work.

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