project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: Wear In HellOn “Project Runway,” the designers had to transform bridesmaids dresses. Cute Michael got the biggest girl, but Tim told him that it was actually a privilege and an honor to dress big girls. Valerie starts showing a lot of self-doubt. Gretchen insists that she’s not all of the bad things that Tim Gunn said about her last week. The designers also have to pitch the designs to strangers, who each have a vote.

At the showing, Ivy says that she heard that Other Michael was telling the strangers that they shouldn’t vote for her because she was the bitch of the show. That sounds exactly right, but I don’t think he would do that. Other Michael hears about the rumor and tells her that he did no such thing. She doesn’t believe him because she says that his character already looks crappy. Really?

For the show, Mondo, Christopher and Other Michael are in the top. The designers are completely freaked that Other Michael is winning over them, so they remedy this by sending him to show his work to the losers. The winner? Other Michael. Peach is dunzo for a super busy look.

Photo credit: Lifetime

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