project runway season 10 finale winner 'Project Runway' Season 10 finale winner: Did Dmitry Sholokov, Fabio Costa, Christopher Palu or Melissa Fleis win?“Project Runway” Season 10 sent four designers to fashion week — no last-minute cut before the runway show. Melissa, Dmitry, Christopher and Fabio showed their final collections in Lincoln Center, but which designer walked away with the win?

In the end, Dmitry was the winner. You know what? He was a strong designer, finished well during most of the challenges, and came up with a classy, gorgeous final collection.

Although Christopher was at the top during most of the challenges, he was the first one to be excused. He took his loss very graciously, as did Melissa, who was the next to go. Fabio cried a little when Dmitry was named winner, but he should feel proud of how well he did, considering he was essentially a sleeper contestant who kept his head down throughout the competition.

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Instead of saddling the designers with some B.S. last-minute challenge, Heidi and co. realized that their harsh critiques would be enough to make them scramble. Some of the finalists stayed calm and confident in their collections (Fabio, Dmitry), while some of them freaked the F out (Melissa but mostly Christopher).

For someone who was a frontrunner, Christopher seemed to have lost his way. Melissa has always been a last-minute finisher, so it wasn’t a surprise to see her scramble. Ultimately, Fabio and Dmitry’s zen attitudes seemed to work the best for them. It was nice to see them all compliment each other during their confessional interviews — they all truly do respect each other. Not a jerk in the bunch!

Despite the craziness behind the scenes, as always, the runway show went off without a hitch. Every model had an outfit, hair and makeup, and nobody fell. That’s about all you can ask for, right?

Here’s how the judges felt about each collection:

-Heidi and Nina loved the dresses and the fringe jacket.
-Michael said it all looked expensive, though some got too costumey.
-Jennifer Hudson said “It’s rich, honey.” That sounds like a stamp of approval!

-Michael was in love with the jacket without the cuffs, along with the wrinkled leather.
-Naturally, they called out the white column dress that the model couldn’t walk in.
-Heidi liked the “tough chick” vibe, while Nina said the clothes were cool and sexy without being slutty.

-Michael said it started off strong, and he loved the splattered leather. However, the romantic gown didn’t belong in the same collection.
-Jennifer loved the wool and leather skirt with the slit.
-Nina said she thinks he pushed himself to be hard and edgy, and wished he had stuck with his romantic side.

-Nina said it looks like he listened to their critique.
-Michael loved how he transformed the pastels into a cohesive collection.
-Jennifer loved the colors and the layers.

Final thoughts:

-Kooan was in the audience for the runway show despite quitting, but did anybody see Andrea?
-How adorable were his family and boyfriend freaking out at the end of his show?
-Did anyone catch Fabio’s voice wavering during his intro? So cute.
-Personally, this recapper’s favorite collection was Dmitry’s, though I’ve been a fan of Melissa and Christopher throughout the season. And Fabio was a very pleasant surprise.

Did the right person win “Project Runway”? Did the rest of the designers go out in the right order?

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