project runway 1002 dylans candy bar 'Project Runway' Season 10 make 'Candy Couture'   who did it best?The unconventional material challenge is always a “Project Runway” favorite, so watching the latest group of designers try to turn sweets from Dylan’s Candy Bar into gorgeous couture outfits in Season 10’s second episode was a treat. (Pun intended. Sorry.)

When Tim Gunn told the designers that they’d be buying their materials from the New York City candy store, owned by Dylan Lauren (daughter of designer Ralph Lauren), he didn’t really explain the connection between candy and fashion. Actually, it seemed a little counter-intuitive (candy adds POUNDS, guys), but since watching the designers freak out and then craft super cool dresses from the strange materials is always entertaining, we’ll allow it. Besides, it also provided several “models eating candy” shots, which is always jarring. They’re just like us, y’all!

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Some designers took very quickly to their candy — Gunnar, Sonjia, Fabio and Ven in particular had some gorgeous garments going on. And although Kooan struggled with his materials, candy seemed like the ideal medium for his aesthetic.

On the other hand, there are no actual words to describe Andrea‘s “apron for a victorian candy bark clerk gone wild.” Just…none. Is she one of the people who peaces out overnight in an upcoming episode? It’s shocking that she was in the middle considering how hideous that “dress” was, but it’s clear that Elena, Buffi and Lantie had much more egregious construction issues. What a lucky woman, because WOOF. Awful.

Elena’s dress was cool in theory, she just didn’t execute it well. It was too big, too structured, and too monochromatic. The fact that she burned herself while wearing what Christopher called “hoochie shorts” in the work room was just adding injury to insult, really.

Speaking of inappropriate outfits, why did Heidi Klum show up in her pajamas to the runway? Maybe she was planning on eating some of the leftover candy after the challenge was over.

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Naturally, Ven, Sonjia and Gunnar had the top three outfits, though if we’d had our way Fabio’s would’ve snuck in there too, since it was beautiful too. On the bottom were Buffi’s “Sex and the City” gone wrong concoction, which was ill-fitting and horrendously styled, Elena’s falling-apart dress, and Lantie’s half-assed umbrella with some jelly beans glued to it.

You never really know which way the judges are going to go — would they axe the ugliest dress (Buffi’s), even though she followed the rules? Or would they target Lantie’s deconstructed umbrella because although it isn’t the most hideous thing in the world, she barely used candy at all?

Since Lantie let time and excuses get the better of her, the judges rightfully gave her the “auf wiedersehen.” She seemed defensive until the end, saying after her elimination, “the candy design is obviously not a good representation of who I am as a designer at all. It looks nothing like the things I do. Everything happens for a reason — hopefully that saying actually is true.”

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Ven, on the other hand, was delighted he finally pulled out a win, though still obviously bitter that Christopher beat him in the first challenge. It’s also amusing that his voice doesn’t change tone even when he’s excited about winning or bitching out one of his fellow contestants in the confessional.

Should Lantie have gone? Or would you have sent someone else packing?

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