project runway season 10 top 5 'Project Runway' Season 10 picks Fashion Week finalistsIn the final week of competition before the “Project Runway” Season 10 designers head home to prepare their collections for Fashion Week, the contestants had to make a couture avant garde look in just two days. Who failed, and who’s heading to Lincoln Center? Read on to find out.

In a decision that would shock no one, Christopher and Dmitry were the top two designers in the avant garde challenge. Dmitry picked up his second win, despite the fact that the judges didn’t like the collar on his jacket, but it was no surprise that the two men, who have been frontrunners all season long, would be the first ones safe.

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The third designer heading to the tents was Melissa, who always talks about how she’s scared of color but managed to pull off something really nice (though Heidi hated it). In fact, Melissa has designed several colorful outfits that did well. Her main problem has always been time, so hopefully that won’t be an issue when she has months to work on a collection.

Heidi also hated Fabio’s design, but loved Sonjias. Unfortunately, she was outvoted and Fabio managed to make it to the finals, with Sonjia going home. Not that Fabio wasn’t good, but it seemed like Sonjia had done more consistent work and, frankly, much more memorable work throughout the season.

The only silver lining is that the judges didn’t do that cop-out thing that people seem so fond of doing recently and send everyone to the finals. It’s no fun when there are no stakes!

What do you think of the “Project Runway” final four? Did the right designer go home? Should Dmitry have won the challenge?

Posted by:Jean Bentley