project runway fashion week finale sean kelly tim gunn 'Project Runway' Season 13 finale: Is the winner Sean, Kini, or Amanda?
In the glory days of “Project Runway“, the designers would have shown up to the days before Fashion Week after weeks away from the show and been set to let their models go down the runway. A few tweaks or finishing touches and off they go, no overhauls or new garments necessary. Of course, these are not the glory days so all four designers are nowhere near prepared once back in the workroom and are still preparing for the biggest runway show of their lives hours before they are due at Lincoln Center. 
Even with the scrambling and last minutes additions to the collections, the finalists all put forward what are at least respectable and complete collection. Original is not quite the word to use based on the comparisons that can so easily be made between this output and other working designers, but each one at least has a cohesive feel. 
Kini’s is reductive, Char’s is poorly constructed (not really much of a surprise there), and Amanda’s is fine but very lacking in variety across the board when compared to the rest of her efforts from the rest of the season. 
Thus, Sean walks off the final runway with a win, spelling the end for Amanda’s comeback story. All of the judges make good arguments for Sean to win, especially Emmy Rossum’s assertion that he has the most unique voice out of all of them and therefore has the best chance to make an impact on the industry. It isn’t the best reasoning for giving him the crown, but the judges at least have conviction behind their opinions which deserves some credit. 
Sean’s fringe-filled collection is fun an flirty, although one more statement piece would have given him even more of a chance to leave an impression on the audience instead of just the pops of color and movement of the material. His future in the industry is far from assured, and he is much more likely to work under another designer for a while before continuing to branch out, as many other “Project Runway” winners have done in the past. For a generally lackluster season with less than exciting finalists, the winning choice could have been much worse. 
Do you agree with the outcome after seeing all of the Fashion Week collections? Are you planning on coming back for another season of the show? Let us know in the comments. 
Posted by:Whitney McIntosh