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Well, “Project Runway” fans, it’s the big night. Tonight, we’ll learn who is the winner of Season 12 – Dom, AlexandriaJustin, or Bradon. And we’ll be live-blogging along as we watch and critique. We’d like to say we have our formal wear on, but we do have a glass a wine! Let’s go!
The current Hollywood darling and “It” girl, Kerry Washington, is guest judging for the finale, and we can’t wait to hear what she has to say about the designers.
9:01: We still can’t believe Helen is out.
9:03: The Tide Washable Challenge ($250 to spend) means that they have to throw out one of their designs, and make a “washable” look. So off to Mood. Justin is making a sweater-ish vest. Alexandria is looking for pants in a washable fabric. Dom is doing a color-blocked dress. Justin finds a washable silk jersey.

9:05: Seriously, Justin, that hair wasn’t good. It was trying too hard. Alexandria is working on not being boring and more “wow” as Nina said to be – she says she needs to go back to fashion school. Girl. Half of the country thinks that.
9:10: After a quick trip to hair, the designers are settling in to get it done, and Tim Gunn visits for his review.

Bradon’s prints and fabrics are, as Dom says, bold. But they aren’t sexy. They’re interesting though. 
Dom’s collection is so her (and that really could be her master stroke.) Tim is worried her looks could be costumey. And Tim used the word “janky” which we love. She’s becoming her best editor with her pieces.
Justin’s piece is reversible, which surprises Tim, and he changes the length of the dress (too “librarian.”)
Alexandria is doing a washable silk pant, with a vest. She admits to Tim that she’s scared – he tells her to make sure her looks command attention, and she really does need to. They all look like incomplete layers.
9:15: Alexandria is replacing some of her t-shirts with “slightly more special tops.” So, different cuts of t-shirts. And she looks like she’s going to throw herself off of the building. The models come in for fittings, of all the looks to decide who is wearing what. Justin’s 3-D printed accessories are very fragile, which could be problematic. 
9:20: Billy B. discusses the makeup with the designers. That man can wield an eyeliner. Just a few hours left until showtime, and everyone is scrambling. Bradon is literally running around. It’s another thing to stress Alexandria out.
9:23: Show of hands, who would pay good money for a “you’re wonderful” speech from Tim Gunn? *Raises hand.*
9:25: Time is called. They’re packed and ready to go, and Lincoln Center is waiting for them. Everyone breathe.
9:30: Bradon’s dancer picture will never get old. Ginger ballet dancer FTW. And seeing the Final Four walk into Lincoln Center in the wee early morning hours was very special. But there are models to dress! And one of Justin’s models broke her ankle! Poor model. Poor Justin. And Alexandria is pushing everyone off the brink with her, changing her mind as the hair and makeup is being done. Egads. It’s a good thing one of HER models didn’t have an injury.
9:35: Are you KIDDING? Coffee down the dress? Is that normal for models to eat and drink near the clothes? I have a feeling Michael Kors wouldn’t stand for that nonsense.
9:41: Heidi Klum intoduces judges Zac Posen and Nina Garcia, along with fierce tiny Ms. Washington. 
Justin is up first, and he thanks his family and Tim Gunn for using the Tim Gunn Save on him. It was worth it, Justin. 
His pieces are futuristic and beautiful. The 3-D printer pieces make his designs pop and dresses swing beautifully. We’re not fans of the jumper though. The final dress is kind of “Mad Max” and is worn by a model that looks almost exactly like a young Naomi Campbell.

Dom’s collection is titles “Retro Redux” and the color, cut, and styling of everything is beautiful. The bathing suit with cover up is breathtaking and the silver dress and coat is old Hollywood glam with a 21st century vibe. The final gown is a little revealing, but it is a stretch for Dom.
9:54: Alexandria leads off with her big dress, which may be a mistake. It’s a wow piece. Everything else is going to pale in comparison. Overall, her pieces are very “now” and forward-feeling. The fabrics fall nicely, but in strange places. While they may be fashionable, and editorial, most people like to see something they’d like to put on… we don’t see anything we’d like to own.
Bradon and his coffee stained dress… at least it was a print, but still. Heart attack. His collection is inspired by the “first sign of spring.” His lead off dress has a remarkable hem and train. His pieces are feminine, shiny, fresh, and a breath of cool air. The crocuses on the dresses look like they’re popping up through snow! It may be autumn, but that feels like spring. Watercolors!
10:07: And now, the judging. 
Justin: Zac commends the 3-D printing. Kerry loves the “soundwaves” dress, and is glad there were some sheer pieces as well. Nina likes that there were shorts, pants, and dresses, but wished she would have had more “wow” moments.
Bradon: He talks about the crocus coming through snow, and Zac says he wishes the first look skirt would have been white – but Heidi liked the material and that it was gutsy. Kerry called it “masterful.” Nina says that she’s admired his “laser focus” up to this point, but that he was too scattered for this show. She says he watered down his brand by not being cohesive.
Dom’s prints entertained Nina. Kerry and Heidi are impressed by Dom’s prints (as are we all.) Zac said she pulled off her theme (although he didn’t like the bathing suit.) 
Alexandria said she wanted to tell the world to stop printing phone books, with a strong “warrior type girl.” Heidi liked the collection, and says it was young, hip, and now. Zac says the attitude is spicy, but vulnerable. Nina said she “liked” the show, and that it was very editorial, and easy-going. Kerry says she really loved the separates to mix-and-match.
Why should they each win? 
  • Justin says he wants to prove to the people who passed him over that he can do this.
  • Dom feels it in her soul that she’s a designer. It’s not about the money – she needs “life.”
  • Bradon was a dancer, and had a passion for that. He was scared there’d be nothing else. And this is the something else, and he’s so excited, and moved to tears by it. Awww. Ginger ballet dancer!
  • Alexandria says she’s bankable, and that she understands what “girls want to wear.” She stresses that she sacrifices everything to do this, and knows how to run a business. And that she “wants it.”
The judges go in for the final close-up look.
And so who is in? 

Dom! Hooray hooray! She is young and on her way, and designs for many different people and shapes. And her textiles and prints are amazing. She consistently designed pieces that were bold and beautiful, and had wonderful style and vision for the final show. And she wasn’t ever a drama queen.
We are happy. We hope you are too. And with that, another season of “Project Runway” has come to an end. “Project Runway All Stars” starts next week!

Posted by:Kiley Thompson