project runway judges nina garcia zac posen shay mitchell 'Project Runway' picks a fight and chooses its Fashion Week designers

The amount of times some sort of variation on “this is crazy” or “I can’t believe this” is uttered on this week’s “Project Runway”  is nigh uncountable. In the last episode before the finale, “Who’s In and Who’s Out”, the five remaining designers have to design not one but two looks that have nothing to do with each other. More or less, they have two completely separate challenges to accomplish in order to make it through to Fashion Week. The good news is they have helpers! 

Oh wait, that’s the terrible news. Because that means Korina returns to the workroom with a grudge the size of Central Park and the amazingly angry body language to prove it. 
From all the promos, it looked as if the show made the choice to throw Char and Korina back together only a few days after the latter blew up at the former, but they are only matched up because Char chose Korina’s garment to revamp. It is still a purposefully mean move to have her come back so soon after her mess of an elimination and the entire thing resulted in the drama the show expected and hoped for. 
They didn’t have to choose Korina to come back. The designs they chose were spaced out from all season, not just the last five eliminated. Plus, they brought back people with worse sewing skills than she, so they are obviously not too worried about how helpful these “helpers” actually are to the designers. Korina is right to be so upset, but removing herself from the workroom was the wrong way to go about things. Nothing she does is going to bring her back, and it isn’t, nor has ever been, Char’s fault that she was eliminated. Throwing a fit only makes her look even less mature than before. 
On to the actual challenge of the episode though. It doesn’t make sense to give the designers two challenges heading into the final cut because it splits their efforts and has the potential to put two mediocre looks out on the runway instead of one that is amazing. It also almost doesn’t matter, as the designers manage to put forth complete looks with some that could even be described as great. 
The most annoying thing this week by far is that this is the episode where the audience never hears the end of fashion week wishes and prayers. All of the designers left, and a the last few eliminated contestants as well, are all guaranteed to show a collection at Fashion Week. 
What they should really be wishing for when they face the cameras is “I have been dreaming about going to Fashion Week [with a full budget from the show instead of only half] for weeks!” Way more accurate. 
The runway show is totally and utterly average. The judges have chosen to reward average looks that don’t push the boundaries too much but show a touch of creativity all season, so that’s what the designers deliver for the final runway. 
They know as long as everything is executed well, they have a reasonable chance to coast through to Fashion Week so that is the strategy they all go with. Sean does fringe, Kini has well-executed garments that are uncreative, Amanda does blocks of color. Been there, done all of that. 
In the end, Emily goes home and the other four move on to New York Fashion Week. It’s a decision that makes sense, and the judges at least make a point to warn Char how close she was to going home as well (even though she really wasn’t that close because she is the Tim Gunn Save’). Shay Mitchell is adequate as a judge, but doesn’t get the chance to say enough to really make an impression with her critiques. 
Who do you think will have the best collection at Fashion Week? Who do you think will win it all? Let us know in the comments! 
Posted by:Whitney McIntosh