project runway season 13 mean contestants 'Project Runway' Season 13 Reunion: Korina and Char go at it one more time
The Thursday (Oct. 30) ‘Project Runway‘ Season 13 reunion starts off tame enough, and then explodes into opposing opinions and re-ignited fights dug up from various points of the season. Initial impressions of this reunion are mostly pitying to the designers on the panel. Kini thinks he should have won, which would be absurd coming from anybody on the panel nonetheless him. The naivety doesn’t end there, as each and every designer posits that some previously unbeknownst sleight was made against them during the season. 
It all comes across as everybody having watched the season in the meantime and trying to embrace any convenient editing they received. Sandhya’s insistence that no one was friends with her throughout the season is ripped to shreds as soon as the accusations leave her mouth, making her look like she is fibbing to further any positive spin she had from the season. 

There are, of course, two specific designers that are definitely not purposely trying to capitalize on spin: Korina and Char. Their relationship did not easily mend after the season ended and the fireworks start early between the two here. Supposedly Char refuses to accept any apologies from Korina and this insistence on holding a grudge only furthers their feud. 
Korina’s assertions that she was right on the show and is right now doesn’t make her look any better, but it is hard to not feel bad once she reveals what the pressure of the competition did to her mental state near the end. It still isn’t an excuse for acting like a (self-proclaimed) psychopath, but it sheds some much needed insight on where her emotions stemmed from during those fraught last few episodes. 
It is a little crazy that Tim is the host of this shindig rather than some actress or other Lifetime personality they could have found. He is a perfect host, personable and comforting when necessary, but with so much of the season’s issues stemming directly from decisions he made in tandem with the producers it feels like the designers want to comment on how situations were handled but are holding their tongues. 
Being angry at Tim to his face is unconscionable no matter how badly he screwed up with his save and giving Char extra time, yet some level of discomfort is tangible on the couches. In one of his best moves of the night, Tim at least gives the group the opportunity to agree or disagree with his decision making throughout the season. A lot of salient points are bandied around the set and it gives Tim a level of understanding he may not have had before even if the segment does not entirely redeem the season’s pitfalls. 
Not every contestant gets the opportunity to speak on end about their experience besides the final six and a few other popular personalities (i.e. Sandhya and Alex). Not to worry though, most of them will loop back around for a season of “Project Runway: All Stars” in a few years and they’ll get to reminisce then. 
Posted by:Whitney McIntosh