project runway season 10 episode 4 'Project Runway' sends one designer home after two leave   is that fair?After Raul got such little focus during last week’s not-especially-dramatic (until the final seconds) episode of “Project Runway,” it seemed a
foregone conclusion that he’d be brought back to compete the next week. But the producers probably didn’t bet on another contestant quitting the competition the same day Andrea Katz disappeared.

Tim’s announcement about Andrea packing up and leaving in the middle of the night seemed a little anti-climactic (they couldn’t get her to go on camera and explain why she left?), so it was nice to have the designers actually talk about it while they were at Michael Kors’ store.

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Then, when Kooan announced he wanted to leave too, the drama quotient was upped a bit. But after Christopher plead with him to stay (possibly because he felt guilty about Andrea) and people cried, the episode turned pretty normal/boring pretty fast.

Sonjia, Christopher and Dmitry ended up making the best dresses for a woman on the go, but it was Sonjia who walked away with the win (and immunity). Dmitry’s gotta be SO mad at this point, but we’re wondering what Ven said afterwards when he wasn’t even at the top. He’s so cocky but he’s got the skills to back it up.

You could tell Buffi wasn’t having a good week, so it wasn’t terribly surprising when her pink-and-zebra dress sent her packing up her things. But was she mad that Raul got to stay when he was kicked off the week before? A lot of the designers expressed concern that his skills weren’t up to par, so don’t be surprised if he’s next to go (again).

Did the right person go home?

Posted by:Jean Bentley