project runway michael costello reality rocks zap2it 'Project Runway's' Michael Costello defends Season 8's controversial winner, Gretchen. Gasp!

Look who we ran into at the Reality Rocks Expo in Los Angeles on Saturday (April 9): From Last season’s “Project Runway,” Michael Costello.
He was the target of lots of criticism from his competitors who believed he lacked the skills to compete on the same level with them. Regardless, he went on to win several challenges and their respect.
“I have my process,” he tells Zap2it. “I taught myself how to sew. My mom taught me a few different things, but I taught myself by taking clothes apart, playing with fabric, and I created my own kind of crazy sewing technique that works for me and it works for my customers, too. And I’m able to use that to make functional clothing. And it worked on the show. The judges really showed me a lot of support with what I did.”
The season was also marred by a controversial win by Gretchen Jones. And despite the fact that she was one of his biggest detractors and that Michael is BFFs with fan favorite Mondo Guerra (the quirky second place designer who gained a lot of fan support after admitting he was HIV positive on the show) the designer says he can see why Gretchen deserved the win.
“I think she’s a great designer, actually,” he says. “I’m going to lose a lot of fans for saying that, but honestly I’m telling you the truth. I know that she can design modern day clothing and it’s cute. There are some things that are cute.”
He also tells us that he and Gretchen have become friends since the show ended. Double gasp! Plus, don’t miss Michael’s Tim Gunn impression. It’s just too spot on.
Watch our chat below:

Note: Mature language.

Do you agree with Michael or do you think Gretchen is still the devil incarnate?
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