sigourney weaver ridley scott alien 'Prometheus': 'Alien's' Sigourney Weaver 'really looking forward' to itSigourney Weaver fully intends to see “Prometheus” … as soon as she has the time.

It’s an appropriate ambition for the actress who got her big break in the new sci-fi movie’s 1979 forerunner, the classic thriller “Alien,” which also was directed by Ridley Scott.

Weaver currently is in front of the cameras nearly every day, playing a former first lady turned secretary of state (no, not that one) in “Political Animals,” a USA miniseries premiering Sunday, July 15. But once her schedule allows, “Prometheus” it is for her.

“I barely realized that it had opened,” Weaver admits to Zap2it. “I saw a picture in the newspaper, and I can’t wait to see it. I just e-mailed Ridley about a month ago, wishing him and the whole cast well on it. I love Noomi Rapace — I think she’s awesome — but I don’t actually think I’ll be able to see it until July, when I finish this.”

Rapace’s character in “Prometheus,” which just scored a $50 million opening weekend in North America, basically is the surrogate for Weaver’s Ripley in the “Alien” series. Weaver confirms “it is, it is” gratifying that her astronaut alter ego remains so iconic after three decades-plus and four films.

“I have to give Ridley all the credit for that,” she maintains. “He took what was a fantastic story, with such great elements, and directed it with such a sure hand. He was a young man then, and he made it to be so honest and real, he changed the way we think about outer space completely.

“He had such a fresh eye, and the result was so scary,” Weaver adds. “Because of the composition of that, I”m really looking forward to this.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin