prospect park soap revival one life to live all my children online network Prospect Park sues ABC for $25M over 'AMC' and 'OLTL' licensing agreementThe production company that rescued “All My Children” and “One Life To Love” from cancellation has found itself in a soap opera of its own.

Prospect Park has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against ABC, claiming the Alphabet net has broken the agreement and is sabotaging the company’s efforts to continue their discarded soaps online, Deadline reports.

The lawsuit, filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, won’t stop the plans to re-launch the fan favorites on April 29. “These shows will go forward, and Prospect will address its rights in Court,” the suit says. “Regardless of how successful Prospect may be, the fact remains that ABC did not deliver what it promised, Prospect did not get what it paid for, and Prospect is now entitled to recover millions of dollars in damages for ABC’s egregious conduct.” The company is seeking damages of at least $25 million.

Tensions grew between Prospect Park and ABC over the “OLTL” actors who had been starring on ABC’s remaining soap “General Hospital.” The lawsuit says that, after taking over the cancelled shows in 2011, Prospect Park, in “a gesture of good will,” permitted ABC “to borrow seven ‘OLTL’ characters to appear on a limited basis” on “GH” to give the actors employment.  The company claims that, as part of their arrangement with ABC, they retained “approval rights over ABC’s use of the ‘OLTL’ characters,” but “for over a year, ABC outright failed and refused to consult with Prospect on any shorelines involving these characters, rendering Prospect’s approval rights meaningless,” ultimately killing three “OLTL” characters.

Prospect Park also claims that ABC has refused to give the company the URLs for the two shows. “These URLs are not only critical to establishing public awareness for the re-launch, but they are part of the rights paid for by Prospect.”

The suit claims that “at least one ABC executive … has openly declared his desire to see Prospect fail,” while suggesting that the network is being motivated by “a basic fear of embarrassment if Prospect succeeds.”

Posted by:Billy Nilles