It’s not that we haven’t been paying attention to the super-adorable chorus of fifth graders from Staten Island’s PS22, but the kids seemed to hit the height of their Internet celebrity last year when they made an appearance on the Oscars and we tuned them out for a while.

They haven’t stopped singing, though, as director Gregg Breinberg continues to arrange contemporary pop songs for his students to learn, then films them and puts them on YouTube.
Their latest outing takes a similarly over-saturated entity — Rihanna‘s ubiquitous “We Found Love” — and reminds us of how much we love both those cute kids in the children’s chorus and that song. (It grated on us a little there because of the radio over-saturation, but now that stations have moved on to “You Da One” and that Drake duet “Take Care,” we can love it again and not worry about hearing it every time we’re in the car.)
Check out the video above and let us know what you think about this cover!
Posted by:Jean Bentley