naomie harris fake psy twitter Psy impersonator tricks everyone at Cannes festivalIn the sea of real celebrities at Cannes for the annual film festival, one fake found his way into the invite-only event, tricking organizers and partygoers alike.

At the onset of the festival, it appeared that Psy, the Korean singer famous for “Gangnam Style,” was in attendance, hitting up festival parties and events and posing for pictures with festival attendees and other celebrities. But it’s since been revealed that the man wasn’t Psy at all. Instead, he’s an impostor coasting on his similar appearance to the singer and a good costume.

“Seems like there’s another ME at cannes … say Hi to him,” the real Psy tweeted on Wednesday (May 22). The musician has been otherwise occupied in the U.S., appearing at the Billboard Music Awards and visiting “Live with Kelly and Michael.”

The impostor, wearing a blue blazer, white pants and Psy’s signature sunglasses, was identified as the singer by photo service Film Magic in photos of the man being escorted by security to the Martniez hotel on Tuesday. The labels were only changed after news broke that the man was a fraud.

With several partygoers and celebs falling for the act, “Skyfall” star Naomie Harris tweeted a photo of herself posing with the impostor at the Chopard party on Tuesday night.

Are you surprised the impersonator got away with this?

Posted by:Billy Nilles