psych a touch of sweevil mira sorvino tom arnold 'Psych'   'A Touch of Sweevil' GIFs: Mira Sorvino joins the SBPDWith Chief Vick and Juliet off in San Francisco, new SBPD Chief Lassiter needs a new head detective. In “Psych’s” “A Touch of Sweevil,” he finds that person in Betsy Brannigan (guest star Mira Sorvino), who he discovers is a Lassie clone, after first trying to get rid of her by having Gus and Shawn pull out all the crazy stops with their psychic shenanigans.

It’s a fun episode, particularly with Yvette Nicole Brown and Tom Arnold rounding out the guest-star list as fellow paranormal consultants.  It also kind of makes us wish Lassie and Brannigan were getting a “Psych” spinoff — especially since her sidearms are named “Belle Star” and “Beatrix Kiddo.”

Best Lines:

Shawn: “If he wants to turn a blind eye to my skill set for four years running, then he can eat a hot, steaming bowl of suck-it soup.”

Gus: “Is there a green room, Randall? If so, I drink only vitamin water. Not the sports drink, just regular Evian with crushed vitamins — Flintstones chewables, all Barneys.”

Betsy: “Most folks would try and hide that level of tomfoolery. But you didn’t … I tried to work through it and I came to the conclusion that it works! Finally I have found a place where I can feel free to come out and be my true self. A place where I don’t have to hide my peccadilloes — and believe me I got a lot of peccadilloes.”



Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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