Psych-Comic-Con.jpgThe “Psych” Comic-Con panel — moderated by none other than Timothy Omundson, who plays Detective Carlton Lassiter on the detective comedy — was predictably hilarious. For those who missed the fun, we worked extra hard to suss out some exclusive Season 7 scoop.
Here’s what stars James Roday and Dul� Hill and the rest of the cast and producers told us we can expect in the upcoming season:

1. Creator Steve Franks confirmed that “Psych’s” long-awaited, long-promised musical episode will air as a two-hour special, filming this October. But wait, there’s more! “All [the musical’s] songs are original — all written by Steve Franks,” Dul� and Roday told us. 

2. Are wedding bells ringing this season for Shawn and Juliet? “There’s a bachelorette party, that’s all we can say,” revealed EP Kellly Kulchak.  Fans of Juliet (and who isn’t, really?) will be happy to hear that there are some “wonderful Juliet moments and great Juliet episodes” this season, says Kulchak.

3. As Shawn’s relationship with Juliet becomes more serious, it puts a strain on his legendary bromance with Gus (who finally gets a girlfriend of his own, played by Parminder Nagra). Dul� told us: “As one relationship moves forward it puts a strain on another one.” Eventually, he assured us, Shawn and Gus “find their level of grounding.”

4. Meanwhile, “Shawn and Juliet are entering a phase of their relationship where it’s not all storybook anymore,” Roday revealed ominously. “We’re going to see them going through some real stuff coming up. The dial might point towards a little bit heavy.” (Our prediction? It involves the fact that Shawn has been lying to Juliet for years about his psychic ability.)

5. “Psych” is heading south of the border for the first time, to Mexico, in an episode parodying “The In-Laws.” Jeffrey Tambor (“Arrested Development”) guests as Juliet’s stepfather. We can look forward to some wonderful scenes of Tambor and Corbin Bernsen. (Spoiler alert! Shawn’s dad survives the shooting.)

6: Kristy Swanson is returning for at least two episodes, which means Lassiter is reuniting with his imprisoned girlfriend Marlowe. “She gets out of prison,” Omundson told us, but “it’s not always smooth sailing. Lassiter and Marlowe take their love to the next level and are thwarted in many, many ways. It’s good stuff.”

7: A “Blair Witch Project”-themed episode is called “Found Footage” and may or may not feature Bigfoot, say producers. (“I am not getting eaten by a bear to prove that Bigfoot doesn’t exist,” Gus tells Shawn in a clip of the episode shown at the Comic-Con panel.) Another episode (they’ve filmed eight so far, Franks told us), involves a circus. “We did some weird stuff” in that episode, Roday teased.

8: Speaking of weird stuff, David Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer Lynch, is directing two more episodes this season. She made her “Psych” directorial debut last year with “Autopsy Turvy”; “Dual Spires,” “Psych’s” epic tribute to her father’s cult classic “Twin Peaks,” aired in season five.

9. Cybill Shepherd is reprising her role as Shawn’s mom, returning in the first episode of Season 7, the producers confirmed.

10. Also guesting is “a WWE star that’s not John Cena,” said producers. Cena memorably played Juliet’s brother; in last season’s “Shawn and the Real Girl,” The Miz played a reality-show bachelor. “We like to bring one WWE person every year, no matter if they want to be there or not,” joked Franks.

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