dule hill kali hawk psych cog blocked 'Psych'   'Cog Blocked' GIFs: An ode to Burton GusterIf you hadn’t heard, this is “Psych’s” final season (we know, we’re upset too), but it’s going out with a bang. There is nary a misstep between now and the series finale on March 26. Wednesday’s (Feb. 5) episode starts the countdown to the end off right, with ‘s magnum opus as Burton Guster.

When John Russell, a man living a carbon-copy of Gus’ life, dies in an apparent suicide, Gus is bound and determined to prove that he (Gus Russ) didn’t kill himself. It was a ton of fun watching Gus be the head detective for once, since nobody believes him that Russell was actually murdered.

There’s also the introduction of Emanuelle (Kali Hawk), a private detective and love interest for Gus. Here’s hoping we haven’t seen the last of her. It was also awesome to see Gus throw off the shackles of Central Coast Pharmaceuticals after all these years. You deserve a break, son.

Finally, the show made one of our favorite puns (and it’s rather timely, since the Olympics are starting this week): A Russian strip club called “Putin on the Ritz.” Amazing.

Best Lines:

Gus: “Sir, I do not mean to be rude. But these are the 23 seconds of peace I get during my day. Once those doors open, I am on the go ’til my head hits the pillow. I need this time to check in with myself and get my head right, people are counting on me. And so I ask you, respectfully, not to intrude on my meditative state.”

Gus: “Find me a clue, find me a clue now.”
Shawn: “There are no clues, I can’t just make stuff up.”
Gus: “That’s all you ever do.”

Gus: “What would you do if that was Jesus’ yogurt?”
Shawn: “Gus.”
Gus: “What?!”
Shawn: “No.”

Gus: “He was very sought-after, very sexy.”
Shawn: “Gus.”
Gus: “What?”
Shawn: “No.”

Shawn: “Easy there, Denzel. Little more ‘Mighty Quinn,’ little less ‘Training Day.'”

Gus: “Jason Bourne? Jack Bauer? Tony Stark. Billy Elliot, Ferris Bueller. Edward Scissorhands, Han Solo, Hans Landa, Han-nah Montana, Mr. Popper, Mr. Bean, Mr. Ripley, Mr. Deeds, Mr. Pink, Mr. White, Mr. Brown, Mr. Blonde, Mr. T, Dr. T, Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Fetus, Dr. Evil, Dr. Horrible, Dr. Doolittle, Frodo, Gandalf, Bilbo, Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, Simba, Siza, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, Kirk, Spock, Picard, Data … John Russell?”

Shawn: “I just got smoked by a blind ninja.”
Gus: “And her hair smelled like magnolia blossoms.”

Gus: “My name is Burton Guster and this is my partner, Leika the space dog.”

Shawn: “I have a standing shotgun in this vehicle and everyone knows it! Gus, is that an old french fry? I am in a metal cage of despair!”

Emanuelle: “My name is Emanuelle and this is my partner, Denzel Diggs Underwood Morris Chestnut Washington.”
Shawn: “I can hear you! That is my bit.”

Ivy: “He just opened up a club for ladies, you know, where fellas shake it for money and whatnot?”
Shawn: “Are they hiring? Because I could use the work and I’ll shake my junk any old place.”



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