psych deez nups 'Psych': 'Deez Nups' is a spectacular episode; drunk Chief Vick and more to look forward to“Psych” has put forth some incredible episodes so far in Season 7 — Shawn going rogue, found-footage, “Clue.” But we would like to say that upcoming episode “Deez Nups” is our favorite of the season so far, which is a high compliment indeed.

The emotional payoff at the end of the episode is immensely satisfying and packs such a punch. We see now what star Timothy Omundson meant when he told us how great Season 7 is.

“Every year this show gets better. Every season, it just gets stronger and stronger. That so rarely happens. These guys and gals in our writers room are firing on all pistons. Season 7 just amazed me what they came up with. It is, by far, my favorite season,” says Omundson. “Every season, you’re going to have stronger and weaker episodes. This season, there’s not a weak one in the bunch. I’m amazed, I really am.”

We didn’t think it could get any better than “Clue,” but we were wrong. And EP Steve Franks tells us that both “Deez Nups” and the next episode, which were written and directed by star James Roday, “are really spectacular.” We can hardly wait.

To tide you over, here are a few tidbits to look forward to in “Deez Nups”:

  • We all know it’s Lassiter and Marlowe’s wedding, but who do you think does the planning? One hint — he “has one speed and it is full throttle.”
  • As far as the bachelor and bachelorette parties go, despite Henry driving the party bus, the bachelorette party is way saucier — let’s just say Chief Vick knows how to party and there’s a surprise stripper.
  • Woody takes time out of the hijinks to do a wine tasting. He finds notes of “battery acid,” so naturally he’ll “take a case.”
  • Some of you may recognize Lassiter’s wedding venue from the really fun series a few years ago called “Harper’s Island.” Luckily, there’s not a mass murderer running around this time.
  • Apparently at the reception, Woody and Henry do the Humpty Dance — but it only happens off-screen. *shakes head*

Get ready for the “Psych” big day, fans! “Deez Nups” airs Wednesday, April 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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