shawn juliet psych 'Psych' fall finale: A love struck Romeo sings the streets a serenade...What a lovely fall finale from “Psych.”

Juliet and Shawn go away for a “grown-up” vacation, where they encounter a couple, Clive and Barbie, who turn out to be a couple of conmen. Shawn and Juliet thwart their racket, while simultaneously solving a murder committed by “Arrested Development’s” Tony Hale.

The real interesting news, though, is that Shawn was going to propose. What is awesome is that all along, I thought he was going to. But when it didn’t happen in the hot-air balloon, I thought I must be wrong. But instead of it happening, Gus finds Shawn’s hidden ring in the Nintendo that was stolen from Shawn’s room by Clive and Barbie.

Didn’t the look on Gus’s face just break your heart a little?

In an awesome B-plot, Gus, Lassiter and Henry go out to see who can do a better job picking up chicks and Henry’s finds himself a crazy daddy-issues girl looking for a sugar daddy. It was hilarious. I particularly liked Gus’s line to Henry, “Yeah, but when you were young on the outside, this was all farmland.”

I also agree with Lassiter that he’s a classic who never goes out of style. I actually had a dream I was trying to date Lassiter once. Not the actor. The character. Yeah.

But I digress.

An all-around very satisfying episode. The guest stars were fun, and both storylines were great, especially when they converged at the hotel. We can hardly wait for the show to return in 2012.

What did you think, “Psych” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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