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“Psych” always knows how to go out with a bang for its season finales. After three seasons of Yin-Yang killer plots, the show went in a different direction for the Season 6 finale, but it was no less effective. In fact, it was our favorite Corbin Bernsen episode yet.

In “SantaBarbaratown,” the show brilliantly sends up the film noir genre, particularly the 1974 Roman Polanski thriller “Chinatown.” From the on-going slow snare drum and sultry music to Amanda Schull’s awesome guest-starring turn as Thea/Dalia, the show’s capturing of the film noir feel while still keeping its regular “Psych”-ness was really fun to watch.

But the big stuff was in the show’s personal relationships. It was lovely how Shawn and Jules kind of agreed to move in together, in that round-about-don’t-scare-Shawn way. That ending scene between them was so perfectly in character. Absolutely loved it.

Obviously, though, the Henry-Shawn stuff was the meat of the episode. It was heartbreaking to watch Shawn lose faith in his father and to watch Henry lose faith in his job and his old friends. Henry’s always been such a stalwart and we were so mad at the episode when we thought it was going to drive a wedge even further between Shawn and Henry, as Shawn started thinking of his dad as not the amazing cop he always was. So then it was wonderful to see them bond at the end. Their journey to become friends has been one of the best things about this show over the six seasons.

So, naturally, the show had to go and shoot Henry as the cliffhanger. Gah! We’re pretty sure they won’t kill off Shawn’s dad – we can’t actually see Shawn recovering from that in any way enough to continue solving crimes with Gus, so then there would be no show. But you never know.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Did you catch all the “Chinatown” references? Veronica Towne (Towne was the screenwriter), Ida the waitress (Ida Sessions was a character), the girlfriend/sister plotline, and of course, “Forget it, it’s just Santa Barbara.” If you’ve never seen “Chinatown,” it’s excellent, so you should check it out.
  • Speaking of which, when Shawn got attacked, we were a little nervous he’d get his nostril sliced. Yeesh.
  • Are we alone in the fact that we always forget Chief Vick is married? And when she hugged Henry, just for a second we were like, “Sigh. They’d be so great together.” It’s weird we think of that sometimes, right?
  • It’s nice to know Shawn’s priorities are straight – Mary Stuart Masterson, indeed.
  • The “Summer School” references were amazing. That is a great movie. And Chief Vick even! Love it.

What did you think of the “Psych” Season 6 finale?

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